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  • Rose Queen

    Tatton Brewery 4.2%

    A different take on the popular White Queen, this naturally cloudy wheat beer has been infused with raspberry and rose to make the perfect May Day tipple

  • Single Hop Mosaic

    Mobberley Brewhouse 4.5%

  • Tatton Blonde

    Tatton Brewery 4.0%

    Produced by the family run brewery in the heart of Cheshire, Tatton Blonde has a fruity and hoppy taste, complimented by a fine fruity aroma.

  • Big Idea

    Mobberley Brewhouse 5.2%

    Smooth, easy drinking Stout made with biscuit, nut and subtle coffee flavours, paired with a medium sweet vanilla finish

  • Cat's Cradle

    Chapter Brewing 9.5%

    Made with centennial and cascade hops, this big and bold West Coast DIPA is brewed in celebration of The Cat in the Glass' first birthday.

  • Citra

    Mobberley Brewhouse 5.6%

  • Flensburger Lager

    Flensburger Brauerei 4.0%

    Fresh from Germany's most northern brewery, this light and crisp lager is made with barley buffeted by Baltic winds, rather than gentle Bavarian breezes.

  • In Space No One Can Hear You In Space

    Twisted Wheel 5.6%

    A full-bodied West Coast Pale that is full of fresh citrus flavours and notes of dried tropical fruits along with a smooth bitterness.

  • Laugh it up, Fuzzball

    Twisted Wheel 7.0%

  • Pi-PA

    Runaway Brewery 4.2%

    Brewed exclusively by Runaway Brewery, Pi-PA combines the best of IPA with our values in a beer that's flavour focused and mega refreshing.

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